How to Grout Floor Tiles

Once your floor tiles are laid and set, it’s time to grout! As well as completing the look of your tiled floor with a finished, smooth appearance; grout protects the floor underneath the tiles from moisture. Grout also gives strength to your tiles, preventing them from moving and cracking. Our guide makes grouting easy.

What You Need To Complete The Job:

Masking tape | Grout | Rubber faced grouting float | Large flat sponge | Bucket or basin | Water | 2 x cloths

    Step 1: Preparation
    Use masking tape to protect any painted surface in the immediate vicinity, e.g. skirting boards. This will help to give a clean, straight finish.

    Step 2: Apply Grout
    Grout is available in a powder form that needs mixing or in a ready to use formula. If you have purchased the powder form, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to mix it up. Apply a dollop of grout to the area over the gaps in the tiles. Use a rubber faced grouting float to push the grout into the space between the tiles. Try to ensure the grout penetrates right down to the bottom of the gap and that you leave no air pockets or bubbles.

    Step 3: Spread & Scrape Grout
    Using the edge of the grouting float, scrape the excess grout from the surface of the tiles in a diagonal direction so as not to disturb any grout between the tiles. The grout should be perfectly flush with the top of the tile to ensure any surface water runs off and does not become trapped in the gap on the finished floor.

    Step 4: Sponge Clean
    After completing the above steps across the whole floor, wait 20 to 30 minutes to allow the grout time to harden a little. Using a bucket of clean water and a large flat sponge, dampen the sponge and wipe it across the tiles in a diagonal direction. Roll it slightly upwards as you wipe to remove excess grout but try not to disturb the grout between the tiles. Rinse the sponge after every wipe and squeeze it so it is just damp. Keep the sponge as free of grout as you can during this process.

    Step 5: Final Clean
    Once the grout has hardened completely, the tiles will be left with a haze of grout residue on them. Clean the tiles using a damp, clean cloth and then buff immediately with a dry cloth.