Top 10 Must-Have Tools

Every home needs a basic tool kit to resolve the more straightforward household issues as they arise. Such problems usually occur when you least expect it, so being equipped in advance is half the battle. No shed or toolbox is complete without the following 10 items.

Shopping List

Tape measure | Drill | Drill bits | Torch | Screwdriver | Hammer | Adjustable wrench | Hand saw | Torpedo level | Needle-nose pliers | Utility knife

    1. Tape Measure
    Having a reliable method of taking accurate measurements is essential. The fact that the tape measure is used daily by professionals across a variety of fields says it all! It offers pin-point accuracy when measuring anything from the diameter of a small hole to the dimensions of a large room.

    We recommend a retractable tape with a thumb lock for ease of use.

    2. Electric Drill & Bits
    The drill is one of the most versatile tools out there. Like the tape measure, it is used widely across various industries. It makes the creation of a hole or the insertion of a screw effortless.

    3. Torch
    A torch is a necessity in every home, especially for DIY jobs in dark corners, under the stairs or in the attic. It also has its time to shine when there’s a problem with the electricity.

    4. Screwdriver

    The screwdriver is yet another vital item, which is dynamic in its uses.

    The Phillips screwdriver is generally preferable due to its increased strength; however, a flat screwdriver is needed for its matching screw types.

    5. Hammer

    Having a hammer in your shed is a no-brainer! Its primary function is of course to drive items into places such as nails into a shelf or a wooden garden post into the ground. We recommend a hammer with a claw on one end to remove nails.

    You should choose a hammer with a comfortable grip that is a suitable size and weight for your needs.

    6. Adjustable Wrench

    An adjustable wrench is a multi-purpose gripping tool, ideal for undertaking various household tasks.

    A fixed-size wrench is generally stronger than its adjustable relation, though can only be used if the feature that needs to be loosened or tightened fits the wrench.

    7. Hand Saw

    Around since Ancient Rome, the hand saw remains a valued tool, even with the motor-powered saws now available on the market. Its portability is an advantage; it is light and doesn’t require a power source. Manual sawing also allows for more detailed work and is safer. It is more agile for tight, confined spaces where a powered saw would be dangerous.

    8. Torpedo Level

    After a dripping tap, is there anything more annoying than a picture or mirror not hanging straight? A torpedo level is essential for the installation of anything that needs to be straight or aligned, e.g. shelves, skirting boards, cupboards, etc.

    9. Needle-Nose Pliers

    Having a pair of needle-nose pliers to hand can be of immense value across a wide variety of common household tasks. Its most popular use is by electricians working with the wiring. Other uses include assembling furniture and holding nails in place while hammering.

    10. Utility Knife

    A utility knife is highly useful for the swift and precise cutting of light material. There will always be cutting jobs that require a simpler solution than a hand saw or power tool and this is the solution.

    We recommend a retractable utility knife. Retracting the blade when not in use is safer and also helps maintain the blade.