10 Tips for Small Kitchens

Apartments and old houses often come with small kitchens, but just because they might be tight on space doesn’t mean they can’t be fully enjoyed. Our top 10 clever tips will help you overcome any obstacles its size may present.

Shopping List
Small kitchen appliances | Strip lighting | Mounting brackets | Shelves | Rails | Hooks | Racks | Slim line cabinet hardware

    1. Compact Appliances
    Where possible, choose small, compact kitchen appliances to optimise your space.

    2. Cabinet Lighting
    Adding spotlights or rope lights under and/or over cabinets will create the illusion of more space.

    3. Clever Fittings
    Mount your microwave hanging from the cabinet above it to free up some countertop space. Any other possible integration of appliances into your cabinetry will be valuable in your small kitchen.

    4. Islands or Bars
    If room allows, a small kitchen island will make a versatile and useful addition to the floor space. Alternatively, adding a stool to the end of the countertop creates a handy bar-like space.

    5. Keep it Light
    Painting small rooms in dark colours will make them feel smaller and more cramped. Choose lighter colours for the décor to enhance the feeling of space. Using the same colour on cabinets and walls will also eliminate any visual boundaries, giving the impression of a larger room. Keep any window dressings and lampshades light to enable as much light to enter the room as possible. If choosing any furniture for the room, avoid any chunky, bulky pieces and go for lighter here as well.

    6. Unclutter
    Only keep items in your small kitchen if they are absolutely necessary on a daily or weekly basis. Seek storage space for the rest of the items in other rooms. You will need as much space as possible to cook comfortably in your kitchen.

    Of the items that remain in your kitchen, try to find hidden storage for as many as possible. An uncluttered room with just a select few standout items will seem bigger and more stylish.

    7. Clean as You Go
    If you clean as you go while cooking, you will benefit from more space and less chaos. As soon as you have used an ingredient put it back in the cupboard or fridge, and when you are finished with a pan or chopping board, stick it in the dishwasher. This will just allow you more room and make your kitchen feel more comfortable to work in.

    8. Create an Alcove
    Any spare wall space presents an opportunity to create some flush storage space. It is relatively easy to carve out a shallow alcove between wall studs, which makes an ideal bookcase or cookware display.

    9. Shelves, Rails, Hooks & Racks
    Adding some shelves high up on a free wall, above door frames or in alcoves can look stylish when used to display the right items. Give less attractive items the cabinet space. A single glass shelf across a window can look great with house plants on it, freeing up further countertop space. Adding hooks and rails to the insides of cabinet doors make ideal spots for hanging saucepan lids, utensils, tea-towels, etc. Hooks and racks that match your décor can also look great on kitchen walls for displaying utensils or spices.

    10. Swap Cabinet Handles
    Swap cabinet and drawer hardware for much sleeker versions that don’t protrude as much. This will stop you bumping into them or catching on them as you work in your kitchen. It also reduces the visual clutter in the room.