Create an Outdoor Entertainment Area

An outdoor entertainment area is fun to create and use, and makes a great addition to any home. You can design it to suit your personal needs and all types of gatherings, from a small family dinner to an all-out garden party for family and friends.

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Paving | Garden furniture | BBQ | Chiminea

    And remember, a welcoming and attractive outdoor entertainment area will add value to your property.

    Even on a limited budget you can let your imagination run wild, and develop ideas that will impress your family and friends, and maybe even a jealous neighbour or two!

    Getting Started with a New Patio

    A patio is an excellent central hub for your outdoor entertainment activity, and will help you shape and design the overall area.

    Laying brick or concrete paving stones will create a stylish and functional patio. With patience, planning and some good old fashioned elbow grease, this is a project you can do yourself on any budget.

    When ordering paving stone, you will be faced with many different colours and styles to choose from. Sandstone or wet cast paving are on trend and give a beautiful finish.

    For a professional look, try spacing your patio stones a couple of centimetres apart, and then apply jointing compound to stop weeds growing in the spaces. Alternatively, apply an appropriate sealing product.

    Tip: The location of your patio will dictate where your outdoor entertainment will take place, so take all factors into account, e.g. shelter, sunlight, privacy, and access to electricity.

    Choosing the Right Garden Furniture

    Choosing the right garden furniture is essential to maximising the enjoyment of your outdoor space. Many factors should be considered such as the unpredictable Irish weather, the level of maintenance required, comfort, style, and budget.

    Look out for great budget friendly options with contemporary looks and features such as low maintenance and weather and rust resistance. Most ranges include a variety of sizes and colours to suit all tastes and needs.

    Our range of cast aluminium furniture provides long lasting durability with a 10 year structural guarantee.

    For a more classic, traditional look, consider our range of wrought iron and wooden furniture. Wooden furniture may require annual maintenance with wood varnish to preserve the wood, depending on weather conditions and exposure.

    For more information on our garden furniture, check out our range online or visit your nearest store.

    Outdoor Cooking

    When designing your outdoor entertainment area, make sure you allocate a suitable area for barbecuing.

    If you are investing in a new BBQ, your first decision will be charcoal or gas, and there are opposing views on which is the better option. Some argue that a charcoal BBQ is essential to add the flavour of outdoor cooking to your food, and it can be cheaper than a gas alternative. However, some prefer the convenience a gas BBQ provides. The choice comes down to personal preference.

    Visit your local store for both types of BBQ in a range of forms and sizes, as well as advice and accessories.

    Keeping Warm

    With the vast range of innovative outdoor heating products available, the changeable Irish weather is no longer an excuse to avoid enjoying your outdoor space.

    A pop-up gazebo will provide valuable shelter, and a chiminea (Mexican fireplace) radiates ambience and warmth. Chimineas are made of durable cast iron and clay, and will hold a solid fuel fire to bring character and comfort to your patio or garden. They can get quite hot, so they should be positioned out of the way of your guests.